A better social network

Village values people and promotes genuine relationships

Parents empower kids in a safe environment you can monitor and control. Village provides a healthier experience with humane design, time controls, and advanced content filters.

Kids enjoy our advanced technology to socialize with friends and be the digital hub for their passions.

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All your social needs


Stay connected and have fun. Quick Switch let's you change instantly between active chats. You also have easy access to all the content that has been shared within the conversation.


Share your life or a part of it with videos, photos and anything else you want. Village has Circles for connecting you with people you already know from school, activites, and more.

Organize what you love

Keep track of what you love on your private page. You can save content from around Village or other sources, label, tag and share with others if you want!

The whole family will love Village

Parent Account

Village is a social network for parents to share with family, friends and connect with other parents in our exclusive Circles.

Parents can monitor and control their childrens' accounts. It's flexible to work with your parenting style and kids of all ages!

Time & Usage Limits

Safety Alerts

Contact Controls

Homework & Chore List

Controlled Account

Parents have full access and control of accounts for younger kids. Recommended option for maximum safety and transparency.

Monitored Account (tweens and teens)

Parents set account controls and receive alerts for blocked or questionable content. Usage, homework, chore, and curfew options to promote responsible digital citizenship.

Linked Account (older teens)

No restrictions on the account. Parent has option to restore controlled or monitored state after notification to kid.

Current social media isn't healthy for kids

Did you know that many experts believe Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and others shouldn't be used until kids are 17+?

Dangerous content

- Sexual content

- Drugs & alcohol

- Cyberbullying

Usage can cause

- Anxiety and depression

- Loneliness

- Suicide risk

Village is Better

Designed to serve you!

Humane Design

Designed to be non-addictive following humane design principles (see humanetech.com)

No Public Vanity Metrics

We avoid public vanity metrics such as “likes” and “followers” as they lead to unhealthy social media use

Safe Content

All messages and images go through our state-of-the-art processing to detect inappropriate content

Safety and Security

Verified Identities

We verify the identity of users to promote a safer environment. You and your kids will know who they are messaging with and reduce the risks of online predators.

No Data Sharing

We will never share your data. You have complete control over your data and privacy settings.

Personal Information is Encrypted

All personal information is fully encrypted to keep you and your family safe

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