Perfect for families

Village Social is Different

Focused on wellbeing & safety

No content discovery

No endless feeds, public content or influencers that expose kids to adult stuff

No vanity metrics

Streaks, likes, follows are linked to anxiety, depression and cyberbullying

Safe Search for people

People can only find you with your exact phone number, email or username

Social posts are private

They are only shared with the people you choose and custom settings for every post

Minimal digital footprint

Posts expire after 1 hour, day, week or month, whatever you choose

Image blocking & alerts

Explicit images are block = no more nudes. Plus alerts for inappropriate language and images

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Nurturing Digital Wellbeing

Village is more than an app. Village is your community for digital wellbeing, creating real-world solutions for the digital age.

Tech Savvy

Exclusive tools and information to simplify digital parenting. Includes a custom cell phone agreement wizard.

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Parent Resources

Curated content from around the internet in an easy to use format. Plus a large archive to find quality information quickly.

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Be Free Challenge

A movement advocating for responsible smartphone usage. Share with friends to support healthy lifestyle change.