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Nurturing Digital Wellbeing

Village is more than an app. Village is your community for digital wellbeing, creating real-world solutions for the digital age.

Tech Savvy

Curated content from around the internet in an easily to use format. Plus a large archive to find quality information quickly.

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Your Village

A structured and moderated group for discussing technology issues. Subscribe to only the topics that interest you.

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Be Free Challenge

A movement with the goal of ending technology addiction. Share with friends to support healthy lifestyle change.

Smart design for intentional use

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Time to break the cycle

Social media taps into the basic human desire to be connected and loved but is distorted by AI and super computers to manipulate our behavior and emotions. All to extract more time to sell more ads (i.e. you are the product being sold).

Social media is robbing us of our time and diminishing our humanity

Because the problem is social the solution needs to be social

It's not easy to break the negative cycle alone. It takes support from your village