Village Social rated 4 stars by common sense media

Village redefines social apps

A fresh new approach. Village is a private social network without the distractions of social MEDIA.

No vanity metrics

Stop worrying about snap streaks, likes and follows. It's not a competition, it's life. Share it with those who matter most.

No public content

Bye bye 'Kardashians', oddly satisfying videos and click bait. We get that discovery can fuel passion, but wasting hours watching is nothing compared to actually doing.

No addictive feeds

Feeds filled with ads, influencers and fake news are gone so you can focus on real life. Talk about liberating. 😎

No explicit images

Discovery and feeds often push explicit content in front of our kids. We take it a step further and actively screen all images before they are sent or shared.

Digital training wheels

Village Social is the best way to teach digital responsibility. Your kid has freedom to make choices in a safer environment. You can set responsible limits with our built-in controls, and stay involved with Insights. Watch Adam, co-founder of Village, in this video to learn more.

Fun for all ages

Village Social is a private social network for the people and things that matter. It can replace or complement social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook


1 / 2 — Instant messaging to stay in touch. Quick switch to change chats with 1 tap.
a fun way to chat with friends
2 / 2 — Easy to share gifs, pics, and videos
Village social messaging supports gifs, pictures, and videos


Village makes it easy to message with people and groups. You can send text, pics, videos and gifs. Plus the quick switch menu let's you change conversations with a single tap - no more hunting through your inbox to change conversations.

Private social sharing is a safe and convenient way to share with people you know
1 / 3 — Social feed for a visual way to share.
Have a conversation on the posts and friends can share gifs, pictures and vidos
2 / 3 — conversations about posts. A more personal way to communicate since only select people are invited to posts.
3 / 3 — custom settings to control how you share. All posts expire to minimize your digital footprint.
Exclusive private posting lets you set the time to expire, who can view posts and more

Private social posts

Share posts via text or email

A brand new way to share! Village is private by default and your content is only shared with whom you choose. You can even share posts with a one time link via text or email with people not on Village. You're in control of your digital footprint with the option to have posts expire between 1 hour and 1 month after posting.

Kid Safety Features

Be proactive!

Village is designed to be kid-friendly even without parents' involvement. But we didn't stop there! Village has unique features for parents that are the easiest way to empower and protect. We create a win-win for parents and kids as messages remain private, so kids can have fun with Village, but parents can rest assured their kids are being protected.

Healthy Environment

Protection kids deserve

Alerts & image blocking

Reverse the toxic culture where sending or asking for nudes is 'normal.' Nudity and explicit images are blocked automatically, protecting against life-changing mistakes. Alerts provide early warning for cyberbullying, profanity and sexual language to keep parents informed. Alerts notify parents of what language was detected, but do not include any of the message content to respect the kid's privacy. From there, valuable conversation can be had.

Content alerts informs parents if their are inappropriate messages or images being sent or received
1 / 2 — Real-time alerts if inappropriate images or text is detected. Your kids privacy is respected.
Village Social blocks nudity and explicit images from being sent. No more sexting or sending nudes
2 / 2 — Explicit images and nudes are blocked before they are sent. No more worrying about life-changing mistakes.
Getting Started Guide

Private. Safe. Healthy.

A real alternative to social media.

Works on any device with browser