A better social experience for all ūüėä

Village is the only app that combines humane design & parental tools


Connect only with people you know without worrying about discovery of adult content. Insights and controls help parents be involved with their kids' digital life.


Enjoy an authentic experience with no anxiety causing snap streaks, likes or followers and no addictive feeds. Get on, connect, and get on with your life.


Village is, by design, a private platform for socializing with people you know. We believe kids should reach adulthood with a minimal digital footprint.


No discovery of adult content. Insights and controls help you be invoved with their digital life


Enjoy an authentic experience with No Snap Streaks, likes or followers. No addictive feeds.


Village is by default a private platform for socializing with people you know. We believe kids should reach adulthood with a minimal digital footprint

Safer for kids

Village Social is designed for the needs of families. Keeping parents involved in their kids digital life, much like they are in real life.

Insights and Controls

Insights show you how much your kid is messaging and with whom.

Parents have options to set controls over their kids' account.
    1. Alerts for conversations with new contacts
    2. Turn on/off media in messages
    3. Set rating level of gifs
    4. Set daily message limits
    5. Content alerts for         inappropriate language and         suggestive images

Content Alerts

If enabled on a kid account, Village monitors the text and images in messages for profanity, sexual content, drugs, self harm and more. Alerts for this content are instantaneous.

Upon receiving an alert, parents can follow up with their kid to learn more.

Since all messages pass through our servers there are no work arounds with the Village app to worry about!

Image Blocking

The app blocks explicit and nude images from being sent.

Kids shouldn't be asked to send an explicit image. Knowing that they are blocked automatically will remove the temptation and pressure.

No Content Discovery

Kids socialize digitally. The apps they use today may have all their friends, but they also have adult content just a few clicks away.

Not so with Village. We don't have a "discover" section and no hashtags to find content.

Just simple connecting with people you know and sharing what's happening in life.

No Anxiety Metrics

Kids feel pressure to maintain snap streaks, accumulate followers and likes and convey the 'perfect' image.

Village doesn't have any of these metrics. It's not a competition, it's life, and it's meant to be shared with people that care for you and share your interests.

Private Design

Village is private by design, no setting changes required.

No more unsolicited messages from strangers. With Village you find people, and they find you, by knowing your exact username, phone # or email.

With social posts you choose with whom to share on every post. Want to be silly with friends without Grandma seeing? Not a problem on Village. No more "rinsta" and "finsta" accounts needed.

With Village's smart design, we are the best choice for keeping parents involved with their kids digital social life. Monitoring apps can lull you into a false sense of security.
Make the better choice with Village.

Sometimes what you DON'T do is just as important as what you DO

Healthy for users

Looking at a screen isn't what we often associate with healthy. Here, 'Healthy' mostly refers to your happiness and mental wellbeing. While mental health is a necessary ingredient for overall physical wellbeing, we also want to keep you from using your phone more than you mean to. Get on, connect, and get on with your life.

No vanity metrics

Stop worrying about snap streaks, likes and follows. It's not a competition, it's life. Share it with those who matter most.

No discovery

Bye bye 'Kardashians', oddly satisfying videos and click bait. We get that discovery can fuel passion, but wasting hours watching is nothing compared to actually doing.

No addictive feeds

Feeds filled with ads, influencers and fake news are gone so you can focus on real life. Talk about liberating. ūüėé

No explicit images

Discovery and feeds often push explicit content in front of our kids. We take it a step further and actively screen all images before they are sent or shared.

Stop being the PRODUCT sold to advertisers

Privacy matters

How people find you

People can only find you with your exact phone number, email or username.

No 'following'

Unsavory people often follow popular accounts and then send unsolicited messages to other followers.

No algorithms or tracking

Nothing to manipulate your experience.

Social posts are private

They are only shared with the people you choose and custom settings for every post

Minimal digital footprint

Posts expire after 1 hour, day, week or month, whatever you choose

Village respects privacy

You own your data and no creepy tracking.
Plus: No ads. No selling your data.

Get started in minutes!

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