Collin Kartchner

Collin is founder of Save the Kids and a leading speaker on educating parents and kids about the dangers of social media. His TedX talk includes heart-breaking stories of how social media addiction has resulted in a suicide epidemic.

Dr. Jean Twenge

Dr. Twenge has researched generational differences and written over 120 scientific publications. In her TedX talk, she discusses her latest book "iGen: why today's super-connected kids are growing up less rebellious, more tolerant, less happy and completely unprepared for adulthood." She includes data that demonstrates the increase in teen mental health issues and why smartphone addiction & social media are the main culprit.

Roger McNamee

Roger was an early advisor and investor in Facebook. He has now written "Zucked" about how Facebook has harmed many aspects of society. In this video, he specifically discussed how apps 'hack' our brains, causing addiction.

Simon Sinek

Simon is a world-famous motivational speaker and author. In this video Simon discuss a broad range of generational differences including the impact social media is having on the youngest generation.