1 / 2 — Instant messaging to stay in touch. Quick switch to change chats with 1 tap.
2 / 2 — Easy to share gifs, pics, and videos


Village makes it easy to message with people and groups. You can send text, pics, videos and gifs.

Plus the quick switch menu let's you change conversations with a single tap - no more hunting through your inbox to change conversations.


Private social sharing

A brand new way to share!

Village is private and your content is only shared with whom you choose. Don't want to share a post meant for your friends with grandma, you have the control on every post. No need for a 'Rinsta' and a 'Finsta' account.

Posts disappear similar to snaps. You choose how long they are visible with 4 options: 1 hour, day, week or month. Keep your digital footprint small when it comes time for college admissions or finding a job.

You can even share posts with a one-time link via text or email with people not on Village. How cool is that?!

1 / 3 — Social feed for a visual way to share.
2 / 3 — keep the conversation going. A more personal way to comment & share text.
3 / 3 — custom settings to control how you share. All posts expire to minimize your digital footprint.
Have Fun

Express yourself

Easily share pictures or videos from your device. Want to use your bitmoji or fun filters? No problem! Download the apps and save the edited photo or bitmoji to your device.

Village also has access to millions of gifs!

healthy environment

Safety zone

Reverse the toxic culture where sending or asking for nudes is 'normal.' Explicit images are blocked from ever being sent.

If your parents are linked to your account on Village you can have added security, as alerts will notify them of cyberbullying, profanity (optional) and sexual language without seeing your actual messages. Opening the door for conversation and support when you need it.

2 / 3 — We create amazing Webflow templates for creative people all around the world
3 / 3 — We are Splash. We create amazing websites and apps and help businesses grow