Inviting & connecting with friends & family

Welcome to Village! As a private social network you need to find or invite people you know - Village doesn't suggest friends.

Learn how to set up your family.

Go to the contacts screen

This is the center for seeing who you know and connecting with other people.


Option 1. Search for another Villager

For privacy reasons, you can only find someone on Village by their exact username, phone number or email.

See how to update your account with your phone number so people can find you!


Option 2. Import contacts

Click the green 'import' button to have access to your contacts in Village. No communication will occur unless you initiate it.

You will automatically see anyone who you know on Village and be alerted when someone new joins (read about current limitations).


Option 3. Instantly send text or email invites to contacts

You will see a list of contacts you imported into Village. One tap to either send a text or email invite or remove them from the list.


Option 4. Share with other apps

You can click the share button to send details via a custom text message or other social apps.