Google Family Link

With Family Link you can control limits on your kid's Android device from your phone or tablet (iOS or Android).

Protecting your kid on an Android

It's easier than you think

Keeping your kid safe on his or her smartphone is probably easier than you expect. There are 4 safety essentials that we'll walk you through.

  1. Approve all apps he or she uses

  2. Set time limits & downtime

  3. Limit internet access

  4. Monitor usage with your device every few days (at least)

Get Ready

Before setting up Family Link, you will need the following things.

  1. Gmail account for you

  2. Gmail account for your kid

  3. Family Link app on your device. You can't manage the settings from your kid's phone.

  4. Family Link for Children & Teens app on your kid's device


To setup the controls in the recommended settings you'll need to go to 1) Daily Limits card on the main screen; and 2) the Manage Settings Screen.

Recommended Settings

While there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to settings, we wanted to provide parents a simple template to copy and modify as needed. For most situations, we believe these settings provide good protection for kids while also empowering them to learn intentional use.

Digital training wheels

Village social is the best way to teach digital responsibility. Your kid has freedom to make choices in a safer environment. You can set responsible limits with our built-in controls, and stay involved with Insights. Watch Adam, co-founder of Village, in this video to learn more.