Phase 2 Recommended Settings

Follow these simple steps to turn an iPhone into a basic, kid-friendly device. We call it the (un)smartphone, and it is the starting point that a lot of families are looking for. This example uses an iPhone 5S with iOS 12.4.3.

Android guide coming soon 😌

Organize the apps

Keeping the apps organized is not only convenient, but also helps your kid use the phone intentionally. Important apps are saved on the first screen so they can be accessed quickly. All other apps are on the second screen and in folders to minimize distractions. To rearrange apps, tap and hold an app until you see the icons shake (iOS 12) or have the option 'edit homescreen' or rearrange apps (iOS 13).

Turn this..

Into this...

So you know...

Congratulations on your (un)smartphone!

As promised your child’s iPhone is now a basic phone without entertainment apps or the internet. This is a great start to the Tech Journey and you can focus on continuing to provide help and guidance without worrying!

We want you to understand the key elements of how your kid's iPhone will now function. The allowed apps will look like they normally would. However, most of the apps that you didn't allow will now appear dim and have an hourglass icon next to the name.

No Internet Access (Safari app)

No App Store

A few more best practices

The iPhone is locked down and safe for kids of any age. It's a good habit to get used to looking at your kid's screen time report a few times a week. Keep an eye out for anything unusual or inconsistent with what you observe day to day. Kids have been known to be sneaky and try to observe you typing the Screen Time password or using the screen recording feature to record you typing it in. This is unlikely for younger first phone users, so we'll address those concerns in future phases. Keep in mind with these settings, downtime won't shut off the device at night. Consider completing a family smartphone agreement and including at what time and where the phone should be stored for the night.

Like digital training wheels

Watch a demo of Insights & Controls for parents

Are they (and you) ready for the next step?

During phase 3, you will be giving your son or daughter more freedom to use fun and entertaining apps on their personal device.

The focus is on using fun apps responsibly and ensuring he or she still maintains other daily priorities.

You have to be ready too! With added responsibilities, it's important that you stay engaged to help with the teaching moments.