Recommended Device Settings

For teens age 16 and older, we recommend the following settings. While your teen is nearing digital independence, you should continue to set responsible limits on time and apps being used. See the Learn page for links to app reviews.


  1. Enable Block at Downtime to disable apps (this excludes 'Always Allowed' apps in Step 4)
  2. Set the times and customize days to work for your kid’s age and family schedule

App limits

  1. Set a total daily limit using the ‘All Apps & Categories’
  2. Set a limit for social media apps. Recommended choosing the specific apps to avoid being overly restricting on Village, Facetime, etc.

Communication limits

  1. Set specific contacts your kid can communicate with during downtime
  2. You may want to continue to allow contact management for your older teen.

Always allowed

  1. Set apps that can be used during downtime or once time limits are reached
  2. Include apps that support intentional and purposeful use
  3. Exclude entertainment and addictive apps

Content & privacy restrictions

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  1. Enable Share My Location to allow finding your family
  2. Disable the ability to make other changes unless functionality is necessary for your kid

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  1. Allow installing apps. You can require permission for new downloads in the Family Sharing menu.
  2. Be aware that deleted apps can be reinstalled. You would catch this by monitoring usage by apps in Screen Time.

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  1. Allow Safari and limit adult websites on next screen.
  2. Disable airdrop used to share pictures including explicit images
  3. Other apps lower risk when following other recommendations

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  1. Set to preferred rating levels
  2. Recommend 'limit adult websites' unless you want to continue the added safety of allowed sites only.

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Android guide coming soon 😌

We'd be honored to help you on your journey

Nicely done... thanks for being proactive with guiding your kid's digital future. Hopefully, you'll agree that Village Social is the only social app your family needs, by preventing kids from getting on Snapchat (since there's no benefit) and delaying Instagram.

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