Inspire a healthy digital future for kids

We envision a future where parents proactively
teach healthy digital skills

Social media is the problem

It's basic human nature for kids to want to use the social apps their friends use. However, as Collin Kartchner says, we've handed our kids a loaded gun, and it's killing them. Both literally with the 47% increase in teen suicide, and figuratively with lack of sleep, anxiety, cyberbullying, sexual assaults and more.

Instagram is full of mature content (yes porn), unrealistic expectations, creeps who contact young kids, and more.

Snapchat, as one national speaker recently told us, 'has zero redeeming qualities.' It's full of sexting, cyberbullying, creeps, and even drug dealers have started using it. There are other apps with nice photo filters.

A balanced approach is the solution

Empower + Protect your kids

We believe smartphones can be used responsibly at any age. With built-in parental controls and good 'ol fashion parenting, you got this!

Informed parents must proactively set a healthy 'standard' for communities before the bad apps take over. We see in many cases it's "too late" by 7th or 8th grade. If you wait until then to give your kid a phone, the majority of his or her friends will already be using dangerous apps.

It takes a village

A social problem needs a social solution. Together, it's easier to say 'no' to Instagram, Snapchat and other dangerous apps

We called our company Village, because we wanted to create a "digital village" to help parents raise healthy digital citizens.