10 Reasons Village is Better than Texting

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Village Social offers the same instant messaging functionality as text messaging, but only Village Social offers the advantages below. As parents, we can set a good example for our kids by using Village Social as the primary communications tool with family and friends instead of texting and social media.

Read how to limit texting on iOS and Android to make safer messaging a requirement for your kids.

Better functionality

1. Any device & any age

You can use Village on iOS, Android or any device with a browser. This means kids can use old phones, Kindles or other devices on WI-FI (no data plan needed). Also, no compatibility issues that people struggle with between iOS and Android devices.

2. Village is Social

In addition to messaging, you can share social posts which look similar to a Facebook post, but posts are completely private to the people you choose. You can even share with people not on Village simply by importing and adding them to a post (they receive a text or email with a link to the post).

3. Easy to connect with families

When kids are messaging on Village, you can click the kid's avatar and see his or her family members. This is a convenient way to know who their family is and get in touch with the parents if needed.

Be involved without 'spying'

4. Insights

Village Social provides real-time data on your kid's messaging activities. You see with whom and how much they are messaging. This lets you involved with their digital life, much like you are in their real life. Plus you'll see trends to know if they have new friends or may be losing touch with someone.

5. Flexible controls

Village Social has built-in controls that you set from your device and account. Controls help you set age-appropriate limits, including ratings on gifs, ability to send pictures and videos, and access to the internet via hyperlinks.

6. Message can't be deleted

Messages on Village can't be deleted like text messages, which means you have access to their history if needed. Social posts do expire along with the associated comments to minimize digital footprints for all users (read more).

Safe environment

7. No sending 'nudes'

Village uses world-class technology with strict family-friendly settings to scan every image sent or shared. If nudity is detected, the image is blocked from ever being sent. We like to say this "ends sexting," which is one of parents worst fears as it can leave a permanent public display (if shared) or criminal charges if received or distributed.

8. Parental alerts

Parents can activate alerts to be informed if our AI detects inappropriate images (e.g. underwear) or language such as profanity, sexual language, drugs/alcohol, cyberbullying, etc. This is a powerful way to encourage good digital behavior like you do in real life. You can use these alerts to have teaching conversations and intervene if necessary to help and protect your kid.

9. No internet or access to other apps

Village Social has controls to disable hyperlinks, so your kid can't access websites from Village. Also, Village Social doesn't allow 'embedded' apps such as YouTube, which kids can use in iMesssage to circumvent parental controls.

10. No 'left on read'

Kids can be surprisingly cruel in the digital world where they don't see the emotional wreckage they cause. Village Social is designed be healthy by removing features kids use for cyberbullying (no likes, streaks, etc). With texting, you can see if messages have been read, and kids will read messages and not respond as a form of cyberbullying. But not on Village!

We understand change can be hard

We understand there are many communication and social apps and changing from text messaging, FB messenger and others can be a hassle. That's why parents need to band together to make the change to break free of FB, Instagram, and Snapchat apps that don't care about users. See the Inspire page for ideas to share Village Social.

Please share your feedback if the app needs any improvements to become your primary messaging app.

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