A social problem needs a social solution

Kids benefit from social connections with people they know

Social media leads to anxiety & depression.

It's not easy to break the negative cycle alone. It takes support from your village

Social media is robbing us of our time and diminishing our humanity

Because the problem is social the solution needs to be social

It's not easy to break the negative cycle alone. It takes support from your village

It takes a village

Now, more than ever, it takes a village to raise kids. In addition to the challenges that have always existed, kids now cope with added difficulties of social media, experiencing anxiety and depression at higher rates than ever before. That’s why we created Village Social.

Our priority is the digital wellbeing for tweens, teens and their families.  Parents who want to advocate for safe technology need to be proactive and take control over what technology becomes ‘standard’ in their community. If you wait to give your kids access to a phone or social apps, by the time they get a phone, it will be too late. Too late because ‘everyone’ will already be on Snapchat or Instagram and your kid will either follow the crowd or remain disconnected.

The future of 'social media' is here

Are you passionate about kid's digital safety and wellbeing?
Do you believe there should be a better option for kids?

Inspire the social revolution in your community! Now more than ever, it takes a digital village to raise kids.

The future is here at this is what it looks like

Be a visionary

Inspire your community

Now for the fun...share with your friends and other families! With a little effort you can make a difference.

How can we help?

Feeling stuck or don't know where to start? We're happy to help! Message us through the popup screen.

We also sponsor a limited number of events every month from speakers to showings of Screenagers to jumpstart communities.

Making the vision a reality