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I’m a 37-Year-Old Mom & I Spent Seven Days Online as an 11-Year-Old Girl. Here’s What I Learned.

Sloane Ryan

Grooming of minors on Instagram. During the course of one week, over 52 men reached out to an 11-year-old girl.

4 Ways Pedophiles Exploit Instagram to Groom Kids

Protect Young Eyes

we would argue that the very way in which Instagram is designed creates grooming pathways. In other words – no amount of moderation or guidelines can change Instagram’s features.

SC sex offender thought he sent nude Instagram pics to a teen. He sent them to a cop


A convicted sex offender from York thought he was sending nude pictures of himself through Instagram to a teen girl, but they actually went to a police officer, officials said.

Is Technostress Hurting Your Child’s Mental Health?


The biggest change pediatrician Lori Zito, MD has seen since she began her career as a pediatrician in 1990 is the increase in mental illness. Today, she says that at least 25 percent of her patients are being treated for mental illness, and technostress is the biggest contributor.

Karl-Anthony Towns vs. Joel Embiid fight spills over to social media


NBA players struggle with mental health issues from social media too.

‘It has to stop’: How a Rockhurst mother fights back after her child takes his life

The Kansas City Star

The 15-year-old was caring and smart, a good son, brother, student, friend. Not the kind of kid anyone would have thought might take his own life. But he did.

Snapchat at the center of an investigation at a Fargo high school

Valley News Live

Police say a 14-year-old at Fargo North admitted to soliciting nude pictures from a handful of female students through Snapchat.