Time to break the cycle

Social media taps into the basic human desire to be connected and loved but is distorted by AI and super computers to manipulate our behavior and emotions. All to extract more time to sell more ads (i.e. you are the product being sold).

Village is the a personal way to socialize without distraction. No ads, no feeds, no influencers. A better app without the 💩.

Social media is robbing us of our time and diminishing our humanity

Because the problem is social the solution needs to be social

It's not easy to break the negative cycle alone. It takes support from your village

The results

Anxiety is the new norm

In 1985, 18 percent of teens said they suffered from overwhelming anxiety. By 2016 that number had surged to 41 percent.

Depression & suicide

Depression has skyrocketed and teen suicide is up 46% over the last decade. Social media is a leading contributor.


Cyberbullying has almost doubled over the last 10 years. 59% of US teens have received intimidating, threatening or nasty messages online.

Pornography & sexting

Children get exposed to porn as early as 5 years old. Add a smartphone into the mix, and sexting isn’t far behind.

Addicted to technology

Over half of US teens say they are addicted to the internet, saying they cannot function on a daily basis without it.

Lack of empathy

70% of youth lack emotional intelligence because they’re talking to devices instead of other people. Studies show that prolonged screen time directly reduces a teen's emotional intelligence.

From Digital Futures Initiative (https://www.dfinow.org/for-parents/)