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Find engaging extracurricular activities for children & teens taught by trusted local businesses.

Educating the next generation takes a Village. We built a tool so everyone can help.

Village.com empowers communities to ensure that when the school day ends, a child's learning doesn't.


For families looking to find extracuricular opportunities to enrich their potential.


Organizations and individuals offering extracurricular activities in arts, music, STEM, sports, mentoring and careers.


Organizations and individuals seeking to promote education in specific subject areas or communities.

Find and register for activities in just a few clicks.

Public reviews and secure background checks on new providers.

Manage all of your family's activities with a single account.

For Families

One place for families to access every out-of-school opportunity in their community.

Village empowers families to easily find and connect with the many out-of-school programs in their community. With a Village account, you’re seconds away from finding your children the extracurricular opportunities they deserve.

For Providers

The best way for activity Providers to fill their programs.

As a Provider with Village, you’ll be able to manage all the details of your extracurricular program, big and small–promoting a course to local families, contacting parents of enrolled children, and enjoying the ease of the secure payment system offered by Village.

Easily promote classes and activities to families.

Accept secure registrations & payments.

Streamline communication with families.

Learn about the high-impact extracurriculars happening in your community.

Create a customized giving plan that puts kids into extracurriculars.

Understand the impact of your giving with unprecendented detail.

For Sponsors

The most reliable way to directly impact a child's access to extracurriculars.

Village is the most reliable way to directly impact a child’s access to local extracurriculars. As a Village sponsor, it’s easier than ever to find programs in areas you’re passionate about and help them grow. 

We're on a mission to bring extracurricular learning to every child.

We are a dynamic team of creators, advisors, and supporters striving to build a collaborative, equitable, learner-centric world for every child by developing the marketplace for out-of-school-education.

All high school students should participate in an extracurricular program.

Miguel Cardona, U.S. Secretary of State

Jacobsen, Linda. "Ed Secretary Cardona Touts More Tutoring, Extracurricular Activities as Part of Vision for Schools to ‘Level Up’ After Two Years of Pandemic Disruption". The 74. 1/27/2022.

Developing interests outside of school such as arts, music, and sports can help a child learn and grow. Studies show that they can also enhance brain development and physical well-being.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

©2022 The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Studies show that for every $1 invested in after-school, taxpayer save $3 in increased performance and compensation and reduced school costs and crime.

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Founder of the US Senate After-School Caucus

Russo, Alexander. "After School with Barbara Boxer: Champion of Extracurricular Learning". Edutopia. 3-13-2007.

Help grow the extracurricular landscape in your city.

Village fosters alignment between a community's Families, Providers, and Sponsors so that their shared passion can lead to connections.

One place to access every out-of-school opportunity.

Support for new and existing providers to grow their offerings.

Provide financial backing to increase participation.

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