Scholarships for your extracurricular activities business

Cake Decorating for Adults
Yoga and Play
Candle Making Workshop for Adults
Stained Glass Ornaments 13-18
Jazz Ages 7-8 Mini Session
Conversational Spanish - Thursday
Toddler Time
Kelly Kretz Golf Instruction
Camp Healthy Habits
Karate Season
Outdoor Water Adventures 15-18+
Truffle Making for Kids!
Cake Decoration 101
Riding Group Lessons - Adult Night
Paint & Plant
Vision Board Workshop
Soaring Scientist Grades 3-5
Santa's Cake Workshop
Youth Summer Camp
1 Hour Tennis Lessons
Toddler Time
Ballet/Tap 9-11 Mini Session
Funny Pumpkin Painting
Sewing Class - Beginner
4 Day Art Camp

Every kid should have

can brings scholarship $ to activity providers so you can serve kids from low-income families without sacrificing your business.

We find the donors. We verify families. We send the $ to your bank account.

You focus on the one thing nobody else can do –Inspiring kids by sharing your passion.


You list any extracurricular activity
on's free software


Families see a “check for scholarships” button on your activity’s registration page


When a family matches with a scholarship, they get a discount but you are paid full-price

Alicia Knopps
Success story: Diamond School of Dance

This dance studio owner is increasing revenue AND giving kids their first experience with ballet.

Village’s technology has been a game-changer for Alicia. Now, she can pursue her mission of increasing extracurricular access while making her business scalable. It's a win-win.

First week with Village:
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Alicia Knopps

Frequently asked questions

What is is an online platform that connects families with extracurricular activities for their children and teens, and scholarships to help those in need.

Comprised of scholarships and systems to manage them, along with powerful registration, roster management, and payment processing tools, gives you free business-grade software that lets you seamlessly incorporate a "Check for scholarships" button into your registration flow. This connects your organization with a reliable stream of donor-funded scholarships that are automatically administered on your behalf, at no cost to your bottom line.

How much does cost?

The only cost that your organization will automatically incur while using is a 2.9% + 30 cent payment processing fee that is passed directly through to our payment processor.

Fees for optional add-on software features and fees for optional advertising tools may apply.

Who is for?

A wide range of providers spanning nearly every niche - from music schools, ceramics studios, and nature preserves, to gymnastics programs, equestrian centers, and parent-toddler dance instructors - are using our free platform and our free scholarships to maximize their impact on the communities they serve.

Unsure if your organization is a good fit for Connect with our Director of Community Outreach by emailing

How do scholarships work?'s scholarships bring a reliable stream of charitable funding to your organization, making it profitable for you to open your doors to the underserved youth in your local community. Here's how they work:

When a family visits your always-free registration page, they'll see a "Check for Scholarships" button. Clicking this button opens a secure form that takes less than 30 seconds to complete, and lets automatically determine their eligibility for one of our donor-funded scholarships.

If the family is matched with a scholarship, they are instantly shown a discount that lowers the price of your activity to one that best-suits their financial situation, with discounts ranging from 10% off to 100% off.

When the family registers for your activity, they'd only pay the discounted price, but you'd still receive 100% of the revenue you'd otherwise generate from a family that pays in full because the discount is paid for by the scholarships that our network of donors helps fund. In an instant, our system combines the family's payment with any scholarships they were awarded, and the sum gets routed directly to your account.

In order to safeguard underserved youth from potential stigmatization or discrimination, maintains strict confidentiality regarding the allocation of its donor-funded scholarships.

Can I use's scholarships without using their registration software?

You do not need to switch softwares to start using to offer scholarships for your activities. You can easily export the registrations made by families on your free page into whatever tool you currently use to manage your customers' information.

Curious about how your specific software integrates with Send us an email at

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