Inspiring the next generation takes a Village. We are building a tool so everyone can help.

We are a dynamic team of creators, advisors, and supporters striving to build a collaborative, equitable world for every kid by closing the access gap to extracurriculars.

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Our mission

Our software brings Families, Providers, and Donors together, uniting their passions to ensure every child can access “extra”curricular activities.

In the U.S., half of all kids miss out on extracurriculars. The problem? Many activities lack sponsorship. While nonprofits can receive donations, small businesses often can't, leaving lower-income children underserved. That's where we step in.

We're on a mission to bridge this gap. Inspired by our Founder Noah Plewa's unique educational journey, we've built a company culture centered on collaboration, diversity, and learning. Together, we're developing free software that helps extracurricular providers access scholarship funds, ensuring they can serve kids from all backgrounds without compromising their business.

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Let’s build a future where opportunity is a birthright for everyone.

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