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As a Ambassador, you’ll transform extracurricular access in your community

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How the Ambassador program works


Go find Providers. We’ll train you on our messaging.


You book meetings for our onboarding team


You'll be paid $25 for every meeting you book

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"Starting Village in my community helped everybody. I made such a difference. Kids are trying things they never dreamt of before."

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Frequently asked questions

What is a "Provider"?

Any business or organization that offers extracurricular activities to local families. Museums, zoos, nature reserves, STEAM programs, athletic clubs, music schools, culinary schools, and art studios are all examples of activity Providers using to offer financial assistance to families in their communities.

To learn more about how works from a Provider's point of view, click here.

How do scholarships work?'s scholarships technology empowers extracurricular activities businesses to make their offerings financial accessible to every family without having to sacrifice their earnings, set up a 501(c)(3) non-profit, raise donations, or administer your own scholarship program.

When families visit a registration link created using, they see a "check for scholarships" button. Clicking this button begins a secure application to determine whether the family is eligible for a scholarship from our network of donors. The entire application takes less than 30-seconds to complete. If the family matches with a scholarship, they are instantly shown a discount on the original price of the activity. Scholarships range from 10 - 100% depending on the family's application and what funds are available. When a family decides to register for the activity, they pay the difference between the scholarship amount and the original price of the activity (set by the Provider). Our technology instantly combines the family's payment with any scholarship funds they were awarded, and routes the money to the Provider's account. Scholarships are 100% confidential – for every registration you collect via, Providers see only the total amount collected (not "family paid vs. "donor paid").

To learn more about the impact of for activity Providers, check out this customer story.

What is is a technology company working to close the 50% gap in access to extracurricular activities. Any business or nonprofit that offers extracurriculars can use our free software to add a "check for scholarships" button to their registration process, enabling families to get matched in real-time with scholarships from our national network of public and private donors.

What is the Ambassador program?'s Ambassador Program pays individual community members to book onboarding meetings with extracurricular activity providers in their area.

In each city, we accept between 1-5 Ambasasdors to be our boots on the ground in that community. If accepted into the program, you will receive a $25 commission for every meeting you book between our onboarding team and a business or organization in your community that offers extracurricular activities.

How much does cost activity providers?

Offering scholarships for  extracurricular activities with is, and always will be 100% free. The only cost activity Providers incur using is a 2.9% + 30 cent payment processing fee from our payments platform, Stripe.

We make money by offering activity Providers the option to add-on additional software features and/or advertise to our network of families, but this is completely optional.

Families do not pay any fees to

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