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Village now allows you to create orders on behalf of your customers, making it easier to help those who struggle with technology or who arrive unregistered at activities. Additionally, you now have the capability to allow late sign-ups, offering the flexibility to register learners even after the registration closing date. Let’s see how this works:

Creating an order is simple:

  1. Navigate to the Order tab
  2. Click "Add new order." You’ll then begin a smooth flow of three simple steps to complete the order, including price and payment details.

STEP 1: Details

Select customer and learner

Select the customer you want to place the order for and the learner you want to register.

The list of customers includes all users who have previously registered with you. If you need to register a new customer without a Village account, click “Add new customer” and follow these steps.

You can add a learner to your customer’s account as well or edit an existing one if needed.

Select schedule and complete registration details

Choose the activity you want to register the learner for:

  • If you select a one-off or series activity, you can register learners for upcoming or ongoing schedules, bypassing the schedule’s registration date and capacity. This offers flexibility for making exceptions and tailoring each roster. You can also register a learner for a schedule that ended less than 7 days ago, accommodating those who showed up unregistered. You’ll notice a blue alert when any of these scenarios happen so you are aware that you are bypassing any rule before you move on to the next step. 
  • If you select an appointment activity, pick any available dates and times displayed on screen.

The summary on the right will update with the schedule price, and the customer’s credit will be applied automatically.

Note that if you’ve added a registration form to the selected activity, you must complete it on behalf of the family. They will be able to edit it through their Village account until the registration for the schedule closes.

STEP 2: Price

We understand that flexibility is key. You can override the schedule pricing and set the desired price for the order, allowing you to make necessary exceptions. If no changes are needed, just proceed to payment; the field is already populated with the selected schedule price.

Step 3: Payment

Finally, request the customer's payment card information to complete the order. You can also use the card on file if the customer has a saved payment method on their Village account.

Don’t forget to review the summary before hitting "Place Order." The family will receive an email notification confirming the registration as usual.

We hope this feature provides a convenient and flexible way to manage registrations for your customers. If you have any questions, feedback, or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We're here to help!

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