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Achieving success is closely tied to building lasting customer loyalty. In this guide, we'll share the secrets to a prosperous journey on Village.

Understanding activity types: One-offs, Series and Appointments

Village Providers have three activity types at their disposal: One-offs, Series and Appointments.

  • One-offs: Families sign up individually for each event. Providers enjoy faster sign-ups and the flexibility to reschedule or modify events as needed. Families benefit from lower upfront costs, easier scheduling, and reduced commitment.
  • Series: Families enroll in a series of events, extending quality time together and promising higher potential earnings for providers.
  • Appointments: Families register for a 1:1 by choosing from a wide range of available time slots. Providers maximize resources while families book at their convenience.

Why choose One-offs?

Meet Barb, a Village provider who started her journey with Village offering One-off activities. She discovered that concentrating her efforts on a single, impactful event garnered significant advantages:

  • Lower commitment: One-offs perform exceptionally well for introductory classes compared to Series. They entail a lower commitment for families, both in terms of time and money, therefore reducing the signup hesitation. This leads to filling up classes faster.
  • Diverse scheduling: Contrary to the misconception, having One-offs doesn't mean having a single schedule. Providers can create multiple schedules, each with unique capacities, pricing, and dates. “In my case, I identified what resonated with my audience, and repetition became the key” - says Barb. She noticed that one activity with consistent scheduling rather than introducing numerous new activities, would establish trust through word of mouth, and secured a spot in parents' busy calendars.
  • Spark interest: One-offs stand out as exceptional top-of-funnel opportunities to spark interest, offering a dynamic entry point for families to engage with your offerings and build the foundation for long-term connections.

When to choose Series?

Explore the success path of Alicia, who swiftly transitioned all of Diamond School Of Dance's mini-sessions to Village, leading to 42 new reservations within a week. What is the mini session's goal? Allow kids to give dance a try by committing to 5-week classes. Series turn out to be the best strategy for Diamond School Of Dance:

  • Structured curriculum: Ideal for a planned curriculum of incremental knowledge or practice that requires a group to progress together.
  • Higher commitment: The commitment undertaken by parents and children creates a foundation for potential long-term classes, such as yearly sessions.
  • Higher earnings: Higher-cost sessions become accessible through the Village Scholarship program, reducing barriers to sign up. These $69 sessions equate to $2,898 in earnings for DSD in a single week.
  • Plan ahead: Despite higher commitment being a risk, the reward lies in planning ahead and having a full calendar upfront.

Why opt for Appointments?

Appointments are particularly well-suited for facility rentals and recurring private sessions. Whether you're a piano teacher or a golf instructor looking to streamline your scheduling, or a large facility seeking efficient management of resources, appointments provide the ideal solution. Instead of locking in specific dates and times, your appointment activities will be available weekly within a designated time frame.

Making the choice: What is the best activity type for you?

In the diverse Village world, particularly for those new to the platform, consider One-offs as your initial step. However, your ultimate choice will hinge on your goals, audience, and the vibe of your activity. Just look at the success stories—each rocking it with different strategies. What ties them together? The magic ingredient is consistent quality.

The power of recurrent events: quality over quantity

While some might think having a wide range of activities is the way to go, we've learned from over 100 providers that offering recurrent events is a better strategy. Centralizing positive reviews on one activity allows providers to showcase excellence in a focused way, leaving a strong impression on potential customers. After a successful first event your next goal is how to make it a 5-star experience. We are here to support you on that journey!

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