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Understanding and effectively utilizing your activity roster is crucial for smooth activity management. Here's how you can make the most of your roster:

What is a roster?

The roster is the list of learners who have registered for your activity schedule.

Accessing your roster:

  1. Navigate to the “Calendar” tab.
  2. Locate and tap on your schedule.
  3. Tap the roster box associated with your schedule to open it.

You can also access each schedule roster through the Schedule tab.

Maximizing roster features:

Search functionality

Easily find specific attendees by searching for their learner or parent name using the search bar.

Edit Roster

Customize your roster view by tapping on the “Edit table” option. Add columns to the roster table, including fields with confirmation collected by Village on the learner profile before signup or your custom registration form questions.

Export Roster

Export your roster as a CSV file for further analysis or integration with other systems. Choose to export with current columns or include all fields for comprehensive data. Check your download folder to access the exported file.

Cancel registration

You can remove a learner at any time before the event starts or even during an ongoing event by tapping on “Remove a learner”. If you choose to do so, you can initiate any financial matter, including refunds and payment cancellations, at your discretion through the order tab. Learn more about payment management.

For any further assistance or queries, feel free to reach out to us We're here to help you maximize your Village experience!

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