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At Village, we're dedicated to consistently improving our platform by listening to feedback from our valued providers. The introduction of the Learners tab is a direct result of this collaboration, giving you a centralized hub to access valuable information about your attendees – like the ultimate roster. In this support article, we'll guide you through the features and functionalities of the Learners tab.

What can I find on the Learners tab?

The Learners tab provides you with a comprehensive list of all individuals who have ever registered for your activities. The list is conveniently ordered by last registration dates, ensuring that the most active attendees appear at the top. 

For each learner, you'll have access to information collected during registration:

  • Learner name
  • Parent name
  • Parent email address
  • Parent phone number
  • Emergency contact
  • Health details
  • Student ID
  • School state
  • School district
  • School name
  • Learner date of birth (DOB)
  • Learner gender

Additionally you’ll know each learner's total number of registrations and the name of their latest attended activities. This feature enables you to identify and engage with your most loyal learners effectively.

Editing Learners table

Customize the information displayed in the table to suit your needs:

  1. Go to the Learners tab.
  2. Click on "Edit table".
  3. Select the columns you are interested in viewing.
  4. Tap "Update table" to confirm changes.

Filtering and searching

Easily filter attendees per activity to focus on specific groups:

  1. Navigate to the Learners tab.
  2. Click on "Filters".
  3. Select the activities you want to filter the table by.
  4. Tap "Apply filter."

You'll now have a filtered view of learners registered for the selected activities, enabling you to gain insights or communicate with them effectively. To remove filters, simply repeat the process and deselect the selected activities or click on "Reset filter."

Utilize the search functionality to find specific learners or view all learners under the same parent by typing the parent's name.

Export CSV

Additionally, you have the option to export the Learners tab list into a CSV format, allowing for easy management outside of Village. Tap on “Export CSV” and choose whether you wish to export the “Current view”—reflecting applied filters—or the entire database, devoid of any filters.

The Learners tab is a powerful tool designed to empower you with valuable insights into your attendee base. We hope you can now better understand your audience, foster engagement, and optimize your offerings.

If you encounter any issues or have further questions or suggestions, please reach out: hello@village.com.

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