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We're thrilled to support you as you add multiple users to your provider account. Follow these simple steps to seamlessly manage your activities with the help of your collaborators.

Steps to add multiple users:

  1. Begin by creating a provider account. This will serve as your organization's main account, allowing you to efficiently manage your activities.
  2. Instruct your collaborators to create and verify a regular Village account through
  3. Submit email list to Compile a list of email addresses for the collaborators you would like to grant access to your organization account. Village team will work on granting them access to your provider organization. Ensure that each collaborator creates a regular parent account before the email request is submitted.
  4. Once processed, we will send you a confirmation email. Collaborators will need to log out of their existing accounts. Upon the next login, using their credentials, they will now have access to the provider account.

We're excited to see your organization thrive with the collaborative power of Village! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out 

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