Getting started with teaching - A beginner's guide

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Teaching for the first time? We've got you covered with this beginner's guide to help you navigate the exciting world of turning your passion into a business. Let's dive into the key aspects you need to consider:

  • Know your passion: Start by pinpointing your passion. What truly fires you up? Refine it until you have a captivating one-time class to offer to others. Translate your passion into a clear activity goal and a detailed class agenda, covering everything from introductions to bathroom or snack breaks and cleanup, if necessary. Planning ahead ensures a seamless experience for everyone involved. Don’t improvise!
  • Check your facility availability: Do you have access to a suitable facility for your activity? Consider not only when the facility is available for teaching but also when you are ready to share your skills. It's crucial to align both schedules! If your facility is located outside the city center, factor in commute time, school hours, and work agendas when scheduling your activity. Learn more about when to schedule on this article.
  • Choose your audience: Decide whether you want to teach kids, teens, or adults, as this choice will influence the duration of your classes and the supplies you'll need. Consider if your class is for beginners, more experienced learners, or both. Be aware of any attendance limitations and safety protocols.
  • Understand supply requirements: Evaluate whether your classes require specific supplies and estimate associated costs. If attendees need to bring something to participate, clearly communicate this in the activity description. Pro tip: for introductory classes, providing all necessary equipment increases sign-up rates. Village allows you to set variable pricing based on whether attendees bring their own equipment.

After completing each step, craft a concise sentence summarizing your offering. For example:

 “I will provide a parent-child experience to strengthen all areas of development for toddlers (aged 1-4) at the Community Center with snacks included”.

💡 Remember, take it one step at a time. It's never too late to discover your passion for teaching!

Success case: The Bentobaby Bakery

Gain inspiration from the success story of Houaha Xiong, the founder of Bentobaby Bakery. Despite having no teaching experience, Village guided her through building and publishing her offering. Today, she has achieved financial stability and continues refining her schedules based on what her customers love.

“By hosting classes, I've found a leader in myself. I realized that I was growing a part of me I never knew I had, and it's been so special to me.”Houaha Xiong, Founder of BentoBaby Bakery

You can be next!

Ready to embark on your teaching journey? Let Village guide you through the process of building and sharing your unique offerings. You could be the next success story in the Village community!

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