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Ready to make your activity truly stand out on Village? In this guide, we'll share specific tips to enhance your activity page and create an engaging experience. Let's dive in and make your activity shine!

Pick the right category

Choose a category that aligns with your activity's theme, making it easier for families to discover your offering. If none fit, reach out to us at with your suggestions.

Set a wide age range

The age range you choose is a critical factor that influences the atmosphere, duration, and instructional approach of your activity. Tailoring your sessions to different age groups is key – younger children often thrive in shorter, engaging sessions, while teenagers may prefer longer, immersive experiences. By starting with a broader age range, you can effectively gauge what resonates best with your audience, adapting and refining your offerings based on their preferences.

In the realm of extracurricular activities age ranges do not need to be narrowed to the traditional parameters of school grades. Widening your age range for your extracurricular offering is not only acceptable but can be beneficial in creating a more inclusive and dynamic learning environment.

Set a short and clever title 

Even though you can extend up to 72 characters, we recommend shorter titles for full display on both desktop and mobile. Opt for simple, descriptive titles like "Valentine’s cake decorating", "Introduction to juggling" or “Adult candle workshop”.

Write a description that set you apart

Craft a compelling narrative focusing on what makes your activity unique. Be brief, lead with the most important features, tell a story, and stay realistic. Showcase special features that set you apart. Add any relevant information about your listing or your facility like “Pay plan available”, “Parking available” or “Accessible facility”.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and not sure where to begin? No worries, here are some key items to include in your description:

  • Class Agenda: Outline the flow of your class – what exciting things are happening step by step?
  • Outcome: What's the big takeaway for the kids? Are they creating something special to take home?
  • Expectations: Clarify the goals of your activity. What can parents and participants expect? Is it about trying something new, making new friends, getting hands-experience, or burning off some energy?
  • Benefits: Highlight why your activity is a fantastic choice for their child. What unique benefits does it offer?
  • Expertise: Share what makes you the perfect person to lead this adventure. Is it your extensive knowledge, your fun spirit, or a bit of both?

Check this example:

“In this parent-child class, your toddler (aged 1-4) will be provided experiences to strengthen all areas of development. The focus will be on communication, body awareness, motor skills, sensory exploration, and relationship building. Be prepared to enjoy focused time with your toddler, exploring a space set up with developmentally appropriate stations.

Each day we have a different letter-sound! Check the individual day you're signing up for to see what our focus will be for that class.

Scholarships are available!”

Add at least 3 photos that build trust

Paint a vivid picture for families with images of your activity, supplies, facility, and yourself. Even if you haven't hosted the activity yet, display photos that build trust and showcase the experience you're creating. Not sure how to upload photos? Follow this tutorial.

You may add a waiver, which can include a clause granting permission to capture photos during the activity. This way, you can use these images to enhance your activity for your future schedules. 

Check this success cases

Check out these awesome success stories that really nail these tips! 

See how Diamond School Of Dance pulled off a fantastic Toddler Dance Mini Session, creating buzz with a killer video and gallery. Their compelling description clearly outlines the experience and the benefits for kids, encouraging parents to sign up. Plus, they're even promoting scholarships – talk about going above and beyond! 5-star reviews well deserved!

Then there's Bento Bakery rocking the Hello Kitty Bento Cake Workshop offered for a wide age range. Their video featuring the owner and cool snapshots of the final creations build trust from the get-go. By reading the description families can clearly understand what the workshop is about. And, if you peek at their public profile, you'll find a treasure trove of past activities that back up their awesomeness. 

So, by following these examples, you're not just throwing together an activity – you're crafting an experience that families will rave about. Embrace the chance to shine on Village, share your passion, and let your one-of-a-kind activity steal the spotlight!

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