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We understand your needs and want to make registrations and payment management easier. That is why we have introduced the orders tab: a list of all your incoming orders that will transform your day-to-day tasks into a breeze.

The orders tab gathers a list of all your incoming orders sorted by date. You can search for a particular order by order number or by the customer’s name, email, or phone number.

How do I know which is the order number?

You or the customer can check the order number on your registration confirmation email. Families can also find this information on their registration tab.

Order functionalities overview

When you click on an order, you will see the order details and have the option to:

  • Easily contact the customer.
  • Understand registration details: By clicking on the learner's name, you can view details such as their age, nickname, or gender. You can also see how many registrations this learner has and which other activities they are registered for. If you wish, you can view the event roster and details.
  • Remove a learner.
  • Understand payment details: You will have a detailed view of the registration fee and any modifications due to pricing rules. You can also see if discount codes have been applied. Additionally, you will see a list of payments, including their status, payment method, and due date if there is a payment plan.
  • Manage order finances: issue refunds and cancel payments.

We are committed to improving our services and welcome your feedback. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team at hello@village.com.

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